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Color in your projects

Color Inside Kraemer Yarns

Making Mauch Chunky yarn at Kraemer Yarns

Grey days, winter blues and snowy whites are common in February. Inside Kraemer Yarns, we are bursting with color! Today we will share a few ways you can add color to your projects!

Colorwork Patterns from Kraemer Yarns

Free knitting colorwork patterns from Kraemer Yarns

Adding color to your knitting or crochet project can range from simple duplicate stitches or stripes to complex multi-color fair isle! Remember, there are no knitting or crochet police! You can start with a solid color project and add color as you see fit. If the pattern is written for multiple colors, feel free to swap out a color or two for the ones you really like! Sometimes, though, you need a pattern to get you started. Shown above are just a few from the ever-growing collection at (clockwise from top left) Ranch Rose Sweater in Stotts Ranch Worsted, Sporty Stripes Hoodie in Perfection Chunky, Fair Owl Hat in Perfection DK, and Slip Stitch Stripe Hat & Mitts in Perfection Chunky.

Colorwork Projects from Knitters Like You!

Kraemer Yarns in Color work projects

Here are a few projects we spotted on Ravelry that are really rocking the color! Shown above (clockwise from top left): Knittingcoach’s Baby Game Day Sweater in Perfection Worsted, shartogh’s Giraffe Vest in Tatamy DKgypsyyarns’ Randy’s Stocking Cap in Perfection Tapas, kuna13’s Scandinavian Spots in Perfection Worsted, and jannknitt’s Animal House Pullover in Perfection Worsted.

What color combinations are you obsessing over? Do you have a tip or trick to share for working with multiple colors? We’d love to hear from you, leave your comment on this post!

Knitting and Crochet Resolutions for 2017

Are you tired of the same old resolutions like “Exercise More” and “Eat Less”? The Kraemer Yarns team created a few ideas with a crafty spin we hope will inspire you!

Enjoy Your Yarn Now

Kraemer Yarns in a Vintage Crochet SetTake a look through your yarn stash. Do you have a special skein of yarn, say Sterling Silk & Silver, that you have been saving because “It’s too special”? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy knitting or crocheting with that special yarn and then be able to wear it and show it off? If the yarn is in your stash, no one else will know how wonderful it is to you! Earlier in 2016, we shared LaTomBoye’s vintage crochet set in Sterling Silk and Silver.


Quit Procrastinating


Take stock of any works-in-progress and half-done projects that you haven’t worked on in a while. Knitting and crochet are meant to be fun, and if the project has stalled, take a moment to figure out why. Then you can fix it, finish it, or frog it!

Craft for a Cause

KraemerChemoEventThere are so many charities that would love to have you contribute your skills to making a hat or scarf! A few causes that we like to knit and crochet for include the CHEMO Bag project and Little Hearts, Big Hats. Here’s a tip – make sure you know the yarn requirements that are needed! Hats for cancer patients or newborns are usually asked to be cotton or acrylic blends. The yarns from the Tatamy line are great choices!

Keep on Learning

Resolution Dye Yarn like KnittingSarah with KoolAidTake your skills to the next level.  Try a cable pattern, colorwork, socks, or lace if you haven’t before. If you are comfortable with knitting, pick up a crochet hook and try out a crochet facecloth or stuffed toy. Perhaps you have an idea for a design that you think would be fun. Try your hand at dyeing one of our Natural skeins! Take a look at KnittingSarah’s blog to see her experiments with our Natural skeins and KoolAid!


Make New Friends

Connect with Kraemer YarnsConnect with us on your favorite social media channel – we’re on Facebook, Ravelry, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see photographs of your work and to share them with our customers and friends. Sharing your talents may inspire someone else to give it a try. We’re here to answer your questions, cheer you on, and offer help. If you’re stuck on a stitch or technique, let us know! Perhaps we can create a tutorial to help you out. Let’s have a wonderfully creative year!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you getting swept up in the hustle and bustle with holiday happenings? Today we’d like to share a few last minute gift ideas for using Kraemer Yarns!

Knit and Crochet in Bulky Yarns

Project ideas for Bear Creek yarn

Knitters and crocheters are in luck, as big voluminous projects are topping the trend charts and they can be whipped up relatively quickly! Our go-to yarns for those down to the wire projects are Bear Creek and Perfection Super Bulky. Shown above is the Head of the Class headband, a new free crochet pattern,  the Drop Stitch Cowl by Abi Gregorio, and the Superscarves Bulky Cowl by Anna Montgomery (both are free knitting patterns).

Yarn Ornaments

Ravelry Projects Ornaments in Kraemer Yarns

Ornaments and decorations make great last minute gift ideas or present toppers! We love browsing Ravelry to see the shared projects there – feel free to join our group! Shown above: CrochetAmy’s Snowman Ornament in Sterling Silk and Silver, Kathom’s Mini Mitten Ornament in Saucon Sock, and Extravayarnza’s Owl Ornaments in Sterling Silk & Silver. Check out our Pinterest board for even more ideas on using yarn in your decorations!

Kraemer Yarns Wreath


Everyone here at Kraemer Yarns wishes you the happiest of holidays! We look forward to connecting with you in the new year and making lots of project plans!




How to Enjoy Your Handmade Holiday

Sweater Ornaments

Are you starting to think about making gifts or decorations for the upcoming holidays? Maybe you work on these projects steadily throughout the year? The team at Kraemer Yarns wants you to enjoy your handmade holiday! In this blog we are sharing a few ideas that work for us!

Use An Easy Care Yarn

For items that may need to be cleaned every now and again, like a blanket or garment, make it easy on the recipient and use a yarn like Perfection! This easy-care yarn is able to be machine washed and dried and is available in a variety of weights. It even comes with a touch of sparkle in Lights! Consider including a gift tag with the item, not just to say To and From, but to include an easy reminder to the recipient of how to care for their gift! On our Holiday Pinterest board, we have several gift tag ideas that are easy to print out at home!

Knit and Crochet Gift Ideas

Pattern Ideas for Kraemer Yarn Super Bulky

There are two ways on our website you can find patterns for your next project. First, start with the yarn you would like to use, then click on the “Recommended Patterns” button on the right side of the yarn page. Shown above is the Recommended Pattern page for Perfection Super Bulky.  Alternatively, if you know what type of item you would like to make, check out the free pattern page pattern categories to get a filtered view. A portion of the Hats category is shown below. Clicking on the “Yarn Matcher” button underneath the pattern will take you to the called-for yarn page.

Hats patterns for Kraemer Yarns


Plan Your Time Wisely

November and December can be quite hectic between the regular day to day activities and holiday events. Consider how much time you have to work on the projects you want to make. Knitting and crocheting are supposed to be fun activities, that’s why we do it, right? In a time crunch, you may end up feeling stressed and not enjoy the making of the project.

Stay tuned, our next blog post will spotlight last-minute one-skein wonder patterns and projects!

Weaving with Kraemer Yarns

You may already be familiar with the joys of knitting or crocheting with Kraemer Yarns, but did you know that many of our yarns are also fantastic for weaving?

Woven by Southernemma

On Ravelry, the projects woven by user Southernemma have caught our eye. Shown above are her pink Cotton Blend Woven Scarf in Tatamy Tweed Worsted, the Cotton/Bamboo Blend Woven Wrap in Tatamy Tweed DK and Southwest Fiber Company Terra, and most recently the Tennessee Alpaca Merino Woven Scarf that uses Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk and Silver with an alpaca yarn.  


This is a neat example of machine knitting where Kraemer Yarns Perfection Lights is used in combination with another yarn as the background. (Photo credit: Machine Knitting Inspiration)


Shown above is Ben’s First Blanket, woven by our Ravelry friend Spunsilver, using the “It’s a Boy” colorway of Tatamy Tweed DK. When you are in need of a coned yarn for your larger machine or handwoven projects, like baby blankets and garments, take a look at our Tatamy / Tatamy Tweed yarn now available in 1lb cones. Tatamy is a cotton / acrylic blend. Of course, you’ll want to treat those special handwoven items with care, you can rest easy knowing that this yarn fine to toss in the washer and dryer!

If you weave a project of any size, we’d love to see your photos! We encourage you to share them with us on your favorite social media channel, we’re on them all: Facebook, Instagram, Ravelry, and Twitter!

Crochet and Knitting for Children

Crochet & Knitting for Children

Creating for the next generation goes hand in hand with being a knitter or crocheter, wouldn’t you agree? A blanket or toy is a wonderful way to welcome a new one to the world. A new hat or sweater is like a handmade hug.  Here are a few patterns and project in Kraemer Yarns to inspire you.

Kraemer Yarns Free Knitting Patterns for Kids

Take a look at all the free patterns we have ready to share with you as PDF downloads. For easy reference, they are grouped into a Babies and Kids section, Blankets section, and Hats section.  Shown above, left to right, Child’s Mock Cable Sweater, Crochet for Baby* Bootie, Oh Boy, Quick Baby Afghan.

Knitting patterns for children

When you use easy-care Kraemer Yarns you can trust that your handknit and crocheted items can be loved and used without adding more laundry chores! Perfection and Tatamy each come in a broad color palette, a variety of yarn weights, and are machine wash & tumble dry! Designers have also used Kraemer Yarns for these reasons. Shown above (clockwise top left): Motif Infant Cardigan with Striped Bonnet in Perfection DK, Darla in Tatamy Tweed, Children’s Mukluk Slippers in Mauch Chunky, and Spanky in Tatamy Tweed.

Projects for children, as gifts or by special request, let you try out a new technique, play with colors and have a finished project relatively quickly. We encourage you to share your projects with us, on your favorite social platform, and inspire others!


Knit or Crochet a Shawl in Spring

Shawl Projects in Kraemer Yarns

Forget sweater weather, it’s shawl season! Knit or crochet, shawls are projects you want to begin now. Changeable weather patterns over the next few months will have you reaching for a shawl time and time again. On, searching for free shawl patterns in lighter weight yarns is easy!

Free Shawl Patterns from Kraemer Yarns

Many shawls feature lace – don’t let that intimidate you, just take it one stitch at a time. Our patterns are suitable to all skill levels. We can see any of these shawls shown above as gifts at a bridal shower or as a Mother’s Day present. Shown above, clockwise from top right:

Which yarns are best for shawls?

Kraemer Yarns makes yarns for every project, from fine fingering weights up through chunky roving style yarn. Remember, there are no knitting or crochet police and you can create beautiful lace with any weight of yarn! As the days become warmer, you might find your project to be more enjoyable when you use a lighter weight of yarn and you can also put it use right away if needed.

Kraemer Yarns Tatamy DK Kraemer Yarns Belfast yarn  Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver Yarn

Tatamy DK is an easy-care blend of cotton and acrylic, designed with babies and children in mind. Why not make a small shawl for a flower girl, First Communion, or even a Baptism gift? Of course, it is great for adults as well. Belfast is a linen blend yarn where cotton, viscose, acrylic and silk are added to the blend for a beautiful rustic look. The muted colors will add a subtle heathery quality to your project. Sterling Silk & Silver is decadent with a blend of merino, silk, nylon and a touch of poly fiber with an aluminum coating. It is perfect for elegant evening attire and for spoiling that special someone.

Helpful Tips for Shawls

Kraemer Yarns on Pinterest

On Pinterest, we’ve curated a board just for Shawls! It has links for even more projects and inspiration, tips on sizing and blocking to help you reach shawl success. Enjoy!