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Knitting and Crochet Resolutions for 2017

Are you tired of the same old resolutions like “Exercise More” and “Eat Less”? The Kraemer Yarns team created a few ideas with a crafty spin we hope will inspire you!

Enjoy Your Yarn Now

Kraemer Yarns in a Vintage Crochet SetTake a look through your yarn stash. Do you have a special skein of yarn, say Sterling Silk & Silver, that you have been saving because “It’s too special”? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy knitting or crocheting with that special yarn and then be able to wear it and show it off? If the yarn is in your stash, no one else will know how wonderful it is to you! Earlier in 2016, we shared LaTomBoye’s vintage crochet set in Sterling Silk and Silver.


Quit Procrastinating


Take stock of any works-in-progress and half-done projects that you haven’t worked on in a while. Knitting and crochet are meant to be fun, and if the project has stalled, take a moment to figure out why. Then you can fix it, finish it, or frog it!

Craft for a Cause

KraemerChemoEventThere are so many charities that would love to have you contribute your skills to making a hat or scarf! A few causes that we like to knit and crochet for include the CHEMO Bag project and Little Hearts, Big Hats. Here’s a tip – make sure you know the yarn requirements that are needed! Hats for cancer patients or newborns are usually asked to be cotton or acrylic blends.┬áThe yarns from the Tatamy line are great choices!

Keep on Learning

Resolution Dye Yarn like KnittingSarah with KoolAidTake your skills to the next level. ┬áTry a cable pattern, colorwork, socks, or lace if you haven’t before. If you are comfortable with knitting, pick up a crochet hook and try out a crochet facecloth or stuffed toy. Perhaps you have an idea for a design that you think would be fun. Try your hand at dyeing one of our Natural skeins! Take a look at KnittingSarah’s blog to see her experiments with our Natural skeins and KoolAid!


Make New Friends

Connect with Kraemer YarnsConnect with us on your favorite social media channel – we’re on Facebook, Ravelry, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see photographs of your work and to share them with our customers and friends. Sharing your talents may inspire someone else to give it a try. We’re here to answer your questions, cheer you on, and offer help. If you’re stuck on a stitch or technique, let us know! Perhaps we can create a tutorial to help you out. Let’s have a wonderfully creative year!

New Patterns, Projects, and Plans

February is an always an exciting time of year. Winter is still holding on, but there are hints of a return to Spring! We’d like to take the opportunity in this blog post to share new patterns that have been published in Kraemer Yarns, patterns from our friends, and plans for spring!

Free Accessory patternsNew to the forever free patterns page at KraemerYarns.com are the two items shown above. Winter winds still whip around so stay cozy with the Staggered Rib Chunky Cowl! It’s a quick knit with Perfection Chunky. The new hat pattern may be called the Autumn Hat, referencing the colorway used, but with the cute chevron pattern and your favorite colors of Naturally Nazareth, you’ll wear it as much as you can!

Socks and Hats in Kraemer Yarns

These patterns were recently published to Ravelry, and that’s where you can purchase them or add them to your library and queue. The Garden Trellis socks and Petal Quilt Socks are both by Clara Masessa in Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver. Paula Herbert has been knitting hats for the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign by the American Heart Association. She has made her pattern for newborn hats in Perfection Worsted and Perfection Chunky available as a free Ravelry download!

Kraemer Yarns Crochet Express blog tour

Did you know that March is National Crochet Month? We’re looking forward to sharing crochet patterns and projects in Kraemer Yarns with you. Kraemer Yarns is also articipating as a stop on the Crochetville’s Crochet Express Blog Tour! Our next blog post is already in the works to spotlight several lovely crochet items. If you have used Kraemer Yarns in your crochet projects, be sure to drop us a note on Facebook, Instagram, or Ravelry, we’d love to include you in a spotlight post!