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Color in your projects

Color Inside Kraemer Yarns

Making Mauch Chunky yarn at Kraemer Yarns

Grey days, winter blues and snowy whites are common in February. Inside Kraemer Yarns, we are bursting with color! Today we will share a few ways you can add color to your projects!

Colorwork Patterns from Kraemer Yarns

Free knitting colorwork patterns from Kraemer Yarns

Adding color to your knitting or crochet project can range from simple duplicate stitches or stripes to complex multi-color fair isle! Remember, there are no knitting or crochet police! You can start with a solid color project and add color as you see fit. If the pattern is written for multiple colors, feel free to swap out a color or two for the ones you really like! Sometimes, though, you need a pattern to get you started. Shown above are just a few from the ever-growing collection at (clockwise from top left) Ranch Rose Sweater in Stotts Ranch Worsted, Sporty Stripes Hoodie in Perfection Chunky, Fair Owl Hat in Perfection DK, and Slip Stitch Stripe Hat & Mitts in Perfection Chunky.

Colorwork Projects from Knitters Like You!

Kraemer Yarns in Color work projects

Here are a few projects we spotted on Ravelry that are really rocking the color! Shown above (clockwise from top left): Knittingcoach’s Baby Game Day Sweater in Perfection Worsted, shartogh’s Giraffe Vest in Tatamy DKgypsyyarns’ Randy’s Stocking Cap in Perfection Tapas, kuna13’s Scandinavian Spots in Perfection Worsted, and jannknitt’s Animal House Pullover in Perfection Worsted.

What color combinations are you obsessing over? Do you have a tip or trick to share for working with multiple colors? We’d love to hear from you, leave your comment on this post!